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Ongoing Projects
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The Board is working diligently to accomplish the following needed improvements and repairs in our building:

Riser Lines: 

Vendor:             Miami Shores Plumbing

This project has been completed.  All riser lines has been changed from galvanized pipes to copper.


Pools and Recreation Areas: 

Vendor:            Greenwich Park has control on this project. Will disclosed details of vendors and const of refurbishing once project is completed.

This project has been assigned.


Drywall Repair: 


This project has been assigned.  The Board is waiting for the Permits from the City of North Miami to start repairing the holes in the hallways.


New Carpet in Hallways: 

Vendor:            TBD.

This project is underway.


Elevators Refurbishing: 

Vendor:            TBD.


Drainage Under Apartment on line 16: 

Vendor:            TBD.


Parking Flooding Problem: 

Vendor:            TBD.

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